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There are currently 14 terms in this directory beginning with the letter T.
Tail End Module
The module opposite to the central head-end. It's usually the remote module that is closer to the end customer.

Telcordia Standards
Telcordia Technologies, originally known as Bell Communications Research (Bellcore), develops technical standards and guidelines that are extensively used in the telecommunications industry. These standards, commonly referred to as Telcordia standards or GRs (Generic Requirements), serve various purposes, such as ensuring the reliability, quality, and interoperability of telecommunications equipment and services.

The industry that transmits information (through wire, radio, optical or other mediums) over longer distance. A related, but different industry datacom, which is focused on datacenters.

Telemetry Data
Information collected remotely from devices or sensors, often in real-time, to monitor system performance, gather diagnostics, and support decision-making

A frequency unit equal to a trillion Hertz (10^12). It is the frequency unit commonly used for optical signals.

Time Division Multiplexing
A method of transmitting several independent signals over the same medium (such as fiber). Unlike WDM, TDM uses the same wavelength channel and the signals must split that channel and transmit in specific, alternating time slots.

Time-of-flight LIDAR is the simplest approach to LIDAR. If we send pulses of light to a wall and listen to how long it takes for them to come back, we know how far that wall is.

Trans-Atmospheric Vehicle
Temperature range -200 ºC to +260 ºC

A smaller device that can receive and transmit telecommunications signals. It's usually a smaller version of a transponder.

Transmission Rates
The rate at which information is transmitted over a communications link.

A device that can receive and transmit telecommunications signals. It's usually a larger device that needs its own space in a shelf.

Transport Network
The part of the telecommunications network that relays data from one node of the telecom carrier network to another. This in contrast to the access network, which takes the data to the end customer.

Truck Roll
When a technician is dispatched to a customer's location in order to provide physical repair or management service.

Tx Power
Transmitter power output