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An ITLA form factor that is roughly half the size of the micro ITLA form factor (25.1 x 15.6 mm vs the mico-ITLA's 37.5 x 20 mm)

A billionth of a meter. It is a common unit for semiconductor fabrication processes.

Narrow Tunable
Said of a tunable DWDM transceiver that can only scan through a small section of the C-band.

Network Function Virtualisation
Using It virtualization technologies to emulate network functions that previously required specialized hardware. It allows network operators to replace this expensive hardware with affordable commercial off-the-shelf servers

A redistribution point or endpoint within a network. It usually contains a device attached to the network that is capable of transmitting and receiving of the communications channel.

Node Split
The process of splitting a node (and all its associated links) into two or more nodes. By reducing the number of links and customers served by a single node, the network operator can provide more capacity to customers.

Nonlinear optical effects
The response of an optical material usually scales linearly with the strength of the light that interacts with it. When the light is particularly strong or constrained in a very small space (like an optical fiber), nonlinear optical effects can happen that will distort the light signal even more than the usual linear effects.