Video Resources

2024 OCP Regional Summit

25 April 2024
In this presentation, Joost will discuss how coherent optics and photonics technologies can improve the cost and power per bit of these data center interconnects and what role they will play at different interconnect scales (intra-node, intra-rack, intra-campus). Advantages of combining optical technologies with digital signal processing to improve these coherent optical interconnects further will also be addressed.

Corporate Video 2023

21 March 2023
EFFECT Photonics is Where Light Meets Digital. In this video, we provide a brief, high-level overview of what EFFECT Photonics does and what are our key technologies and business model. We deliver highly integrated systems for optical communications and aim to prove that photonics and coherent optics can be as easy and cost-effective to manufacture at high volumes as electronics without sacrificing performance.

Brainport Regio Deal

21 March 2023
This video explains the importance of the PhotonDelta ecosystem and the Regional Deal Brainport Eindhoven that supports it. It also includes perspectives from some leaders of companies in the PhotonDelta system, including EFFECT Photonics President Boudewijn Docter.

Optica interview with our CEO

18 Jan 2023
Jose Pozo, Chief Technical Officer at Optica, interviews
our Chief Executive Officer, Roberto Marcoccia,
on his Corporate Info Channel.

ECOC 2022 – Market Focus Session EFFECT Photonics

17 Oct 2022
Title: Addressing the Edge Computing Data Center Infrastructure Market with Coherent Optical SoCs
Speaker: Harald Graber, Chief Commercial Officer, EFFECT Photonics

ECOC 2022 – Product Focus Session EFFECT Photonics

17 Oct 2022
Title: The Growing Need for Tunable Lasers Focus on Metro, DCI and Access Networks
Speaker: Joost Verberk, Director of Product Management, EFFECT Photonics


Dec 1, 2021
Coherent technology was initially reserved for premium long-distance links, but it was too bulky and expensive for edge and access networks.

Photonic integration technology like the one used by EFFECT Photonics helps miniaturize these big, proprietary, and expensive line card systems into a router pluggable form factor.

Direct Detection or Coherent?

Nov 24, 2021
What is the difference between direct detection and coherent transmission? What are the benefits and limitations of these technologies?

In this video, we explain how direct detect and coherent use different levels of information encoding and what impact each has on your fiber links and network.

Narrow Tunable SFP+ modules for Mobile Fronthaul

Oct 21, 2021
Self-tuning SFP modules will make optical network deployment and operation faster, simpler, and more affordable.

This video highlights the Mobile Fronthaul use cases for EFFECT Photonics’ Narrow Tunable SFP+ modules, which include our proprietary NarroWave self-tuning technology.

A Powerful and versatile optical System-on-Chip for Direct Detect

Oct 21, 2021
This video discusses the benefits of our powerful and versatile optical System-on-Chip for direct detect pluggable modules.

We outline the advantages of having all passive and active optical functions on a single chip for designing, manufacturing, and testing.

EFFECT Photonics System-on-Chip ECOC 2021 Bordeaux

Oct 21, 2021
At ECOC 2021, we displayed our video about the advantages of our System-on-Chip (SoC) approach.

Our Coherent Product Line Manager, Vladi Veljanovski, gives us some more background and context about our SoC approach.

EFFECT Photonics’ optical System-on-Chip (SoC) technology

Dec 10, 2020
This video discusses the power of a fully-integrated photonic System-On-Chip (SoC).

We discuss how our Indium-Phosphide platform enables an SoC approach and the SoC advantages for manufacturing.

NarroWave: Network automation made easy

Dec 7, 2020
EFFECT Photonics’ NarroWave self-tuning technology allows customers to monitor and control remote SFP+ modules from the central office.

NarroWave makes EFFECT Photonics’ SFP+ modules a powerful asset in the toolkit of any telecom provider looking to control and monitor its telecommunication network dynamically.

Highly integrated optical transceivers for future 5G mobile networks

Dec 6, 2020
EFFECT Photonics leverages photonic integration to deliver capacity and bandwidth to everybody, everywhere, and through every available device.

New telecom developments such as 5G will drive an exponential increase in the bandwidth required at the network’s edges, and integrated photonics will be vital to cope with these demands.

EFFECT Photonics – Shaping the future of photonics

Dec 4, 2020
EFFECT Photonics leverages photonic integration to deliver capacity and bandwidth to everybody, everywhere, and through every available device.

We deliver highly integrated optical communications products based on its Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) optical System-on-Chip technology.