Pluggable Modules –

In the next decade, legacy direct detect technologies in access networks and data center interconnects will not be enough to cover the growing bandwidth demands with the required reach.

Such a scenario will require using coherent technology, which uses digital signal processing (DSP) to transmit more information over longer distances.  However, upgrading to coherent technology carries several trade-offs.


Key Challenges

  • Coherent systems are more complex and expensive
  • The additional elements (especially the DSP) increase power consumption
  • For data centers: a major increase in the number of nodes to be maintained
  • For access networks: coherent technology must work in outside areas, such as antennas, not just indoors

Fast, Affordable, and Sustainable Coherent Products

EFFECT Photonics aims to overcome the barriers to more accessible coherent devices by using its proprietary light sources and DSP technology, and taking advantage of trusted manufacturing partners and proven electronics packaging methods.

Key Features

  • Affordable: By working with trusted manufacturing partners and electronics ecosystems to manufacture at high volume, the cost per device can decrease.
  • Efficient: Co-designing the coherent optics with the DSP allows greater integration of optics and electronics, reducing losses and power consumption.
  • Self-tuning: Simplifies installation and maintenance of transceivers and new optical nodes.
  • Rugged: By taking advantage of packaging solutions from the electronics sector, EFFECT Photonics can design and realize packaging that can meet industrial, automotive, and space standards.