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We are
EFFECT Photonics

The only thing more amazing than our technology is what the world can do with it.

EFFECT Photonics have been shaping the future of photonics by interconnecting humanity through fast, affordable, sustainable, and effective communication technologies. The emergence of DWDM is one of the most innovative and important phenomena in the

development of fibre optic communication technology. From both technical and economical perspectives, the ability to provide the world potentially unlimited data transmission capacity and bandwidth is a massive advantage of our DWDM technology.

We are innovative, passionate, progressive

At EFFECT Photonics, leveraging photonic integration to deliver internet bandwidth to every person on earth is our vision. Our mission is to interconnect humanity through fast, affordable, sustainable and effective communication technologies by utilising the power of light to bring scalable and connected communication devices to the end users globally. We power an amazing culture through our core values:


  • Learn and create,
  • Loyalty and freedom,
  • Deliver and go-forward.

Our strategy embraces photonics innovation—the cloud and the data centre, IoT, 5G, all bound together by the goal of bringing affordable and scalable DWDM to the edges of the network.

Our global teams, of around 240 people, across 3 continents, are the heart of EFFECT Photonics and define who we are and our future!


Born in the Netherlands,
growing globally.

EFFECT Photonics’ history is rich with innovation, sharing and collaboration. Read more to learn how we’ve grown from a TU/e (Technical University of Eindhoven) spin-out into the photonics frontrunner we are today.

Our Values

Learn and

We respect the knowledge and inspiration each individual brings to the table. By learning from each other we innovate, pioneer and find new paths to create the best photonic technology in the world.

Loyalty and freedom

We are loyal to our colleagues, customers, and investors. We nurture the freedom to develop ourselves both personally and professionally, ensuring our team plays its best game every time.

Deliver and go forward

We deliver on our promises to each other, our suppliers, and customers. We create investor value, fuelling the innovation machine to go forward and deliver the products of the future.

What makes us
EFFECT Photonics

We interconnect humanity
through fast, affordable, sustainable,
and effective communication technologies.

Our culture

From the beginning, EFFECT Photonics has strived to shape a unique, results-oriented work culture that minimises power distance. We have a flat organisational structure and everybody assumes multiple duties and ownership as needed to make EFFECT Photonics successful. At our offices, we embody a philosophy of equality and access. All employees, including executives, sit in an open-space area, there is no executive dining room, no executive offices, no executive parking places, no first-class travel, and anyone can walk down the aisle to the founders’ cubicles.

Supporting each other to
grow together.

“The success of our company relies on the strength and talent of our people.”

James Regan

Leadership Team


Roberto has extensive experience in the optical and telecoms industry. He has a deep understanding of the product development processes and a proved track record of delivering innovative products to market while leading multi-disciplinary engineering teams.

Dr. Boudewijn Docter the president of effect photonics

Dr. Boudewijn Docter PRESIDENT

Boudewijn holds a Doctorate in photonic integration and 15 years experience in optical components. He is an expert in photonics IC design and fabrication and a passionate entrepreneur and business leader.

Tim Koene chief technology officer at effect photonics


Tim holds a Masters in EE and has amassed exceptional breadth and depth of technical expertise encompassing the design of photonic integrated circuits, packaging, electronics, control systems and test.

DR. Paul Rossen chief operations officer at effect photonics


Paul holds a Doctorate in photonics and has over 30 years’ experience developing photonic products and launching them successfully, with experience ranging from establishing new InP devices in local wafer fabs to ramping module assembly in offshore facilities

Harald Graber -Chief Commercial Officer at Effect Photonics


Harald holds an MBA and has more than 20 years of experience in the optical communications industry within Tier 1 companies in the United States, Europe and Asia. Prior to EFFECT Photonics, Harald served in various senior roles in Sales, Marketing, Product Management & R&D at BWI, Coriant, Nokia Siemens Networks, Alcatel-Lucent and Lucent Technologies.

Sophie De Maesschalck - Chief Financial Officer at Effect Photonics


Sophie holds a Doctorate in optical networking and an MBA and is a highly experienced technology CFO with 15 years of experience in technology incubation, international financing, and mergers and acquisitions. A former Bain & Co. consultant, Sophie has a proven track record of defining financial strategy and closing equity funding rounds.