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There are currently 10 terms in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Matadata Channel
A channel in a communications link that provides information about the data being transmitted.

Medium Access Control Layer
The layer of a network that controls the hardware responsible for transmission medium (air, Ethernet cable, coaxial, fiber).

Metro Data Center Interconnects
A datacenter interconnect between two different metro areas (reach up to 100 km).

Metro Networks
A network that providers connectivity within a metropolitan region. Its links are longer than those of an access network but shorter than long-haul links.

An ITLA form factor that is half the size of the original ITLA form factor (37.5 x 20 mm vs the original 74.0 x 30.5 mm).

The links of a 5G radio access network that connect the distribution unit to the central unit (CU).

A device that imposes a lower-frequency signal (the information) into a higher-frequency signal (the carrier signal) for the purposes of transmission.

In the context of optics and photonics, this refers to a device that is that can be fully manufactured from on a single block of material or chip.

Moore's Law
The empirical observation made by Gordon Moore in 1965 that the number of transistors in an electronic integrated circuit doubles roughly every two years. It is a guiding principle and target for the electronics semiconductor industry.

A device that selects between several input signals and forwards the selected input into a single output line.