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Fabless Model
A model in which a company designs semiconductor chips but outsources the chip manufacturing to a specialized factory (foundry). EFFECT Photonics is a fabless company.

FEC algorithms can enhance the link performance without changing the hardware."

Fiber to the Home
An upgrade to fixed access networks (such as cable) in which Internet service to the subscriber home is delivered via optical fiber. This is in contrast to legacy networks that deliver service via electrical copper or coaxial wires.

Flip-Chip Bonding
A process where solder bumps are deposited on the chip in the final fabrication step. The chip is flipped over and aligned with a circuit board for easier soldering.

Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) is a more advanced LIDAR application. If we send a pulse of light with multiple wavelengths to an object, we know where the object is and whether it is moving towards you or away from you

Forward Error Correction
Error correction codes that allow a receiver to detect data errors without requiring the transmitter to resend data. This saves time and channel capacity.

A semiconductor chip fabrication plant (also called a fab).

Free Space Optics
Optical communication technology that transmits and receives light wireless through air. This is in contrast to using a solid medium like optical fiber.

Links in a mobile network that connect remote radio units to a centralized controller. They are the intermediate links that connect wireless end users to the core transport network.

Full Band Tunable
A transceiver that can tune its frequency across the entire optical C-band (infrared wavelengths from 1535-1565 nm)