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There are currently 6 terms in this directory beginning with the letter H.
A control center (often in a cable network) where signals from subscribers and nodes are brought together and managed before introducing them to the rest of the cable network.

Hermetic Seals
Airtight seals that prevent the ingress of air, moisture, or other environmental contaminants into a device. They are crucial in protecting sensitive electronics, optical components, or other delicate parts from damage

Host Agnostic
A device (such as a pluggable transceiver) that can work with any kind of host device. Achieving this requires interoperability standards.

Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network
A fixed access network (such as cable networks) that uses fiber until a certain point but then uses coaxial cable to reach the subscriber.

Hyperscale Data Center
A data center that is much larger than a typical enterprise data center. A common definition is that it needs to have more than 5000 servers. They are more power efficient because energy and cooling can be centralized in a single location.

A company that builds hyperscale data centers. All the big tech giants (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook) do this.