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There are currently 6 terms in this directory beginning with the letter H.
Head-end Diagnostics
The end of a link located in the central facility that provides the communication service.

A control center (often in a cable network) where signals from subscribers and nodes are brought together and managed before introducing them to the rest of the cable network.

Host Agnostic
A device (such as a pluggable transceiver) that can work with any kind of host device. Achieving this requires interoperability standards.

Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network
A fixed access network (such as cable networks) that uses fiber until a certain point but then uses coaxial cable to reach the subscriber.

Hyperscale Data Center
A data center that is much larger than a typical enterprise data center. A common definition is that it needs to have more than 5000 servers. They are more power efficient because energy and cooling can be centralized in a single location.

A company that builds hyperscale data centers. All the big tech giants (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook) do this.