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There are currently 6 terms in this directory beginning with the letter I.
Indium Phosphide
A III-V semiconductor material that is commonly used for high-frequency electronics and photonics circuits. It is the most common material platform used to build semiconductor lasers for communications, and the material of choice for EFFECT Photonics circuits.

Information and Communication Technology
An umbrella term that refers to all the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing and communications.

Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly
A small external laser that can be coupled to an optical system (like a transceiver) via optical fiber. This ITLA must maintain a low enough footprint and cost for high-volume integration with the optical system. They must conform with existing ITLA standards or multi-source agreements.

Integrated Photonics
Integrating optical components on a semiconductor chip, similar to how electronics integrates electrical components.

The feature of a product to work with products and systems of other suppliers. This requires standardization or multi-source agreements (MSAs) across different vendors.

Intra Data Center Interconnect
Connections between servers and buildings of the same data center. They can range from a hundreds of meters in distance to a few kilometers.