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The original band of operation in optical communications, spanning wavelengths from 1260 to 1360 nanometers.

Open Forward Error Correction
A FEC type adopted by the OpenZR+ and Open ROADM multi-source agreements (MSAs). It provides a greater enhancement than CFEC at the cost of more overhead and energy.

Open Optical Networking
The network paradigm in which telecom operators are not "locked-in" to a specific vendor and can instead build their networks with parts from different vendors. Achieving this requires the use of common standards and open software interfaces that can work with equipment of different vendors.

Optical Amplifier
An optical device that amplifies an optical signal with the help of an electrical pumping current.

Optical Engine
A part of a fiber-optic module that includes the optical components necessary for transmitting and receiving.

Optical Fiber
A flexible, transparent fiber made by drawing pure glass (silica) or plastic into a diameter slightly thicker than a human hair.

Optical Internetworking Forum
A prominent non-profit consortium that promotes the development of interoperable networking products and services through implementation agreements among different vendors.

Optical Losses
The inherent weakening of an optical signal as it passes through a transmission medium like air or fiber. It varies depending on the material used.

Optical Modulator
A device that imposes a lower-frequency signal (the information) into an optical carrier signal for the purposes of transmission through optical fiber.

Optical Network
The layer of a network that is composed of optical components.

Optical phased arrays (OPA)
An optical system that splits the output of a tunable laser into multiple channels and puts different time delays on each channels. This can be used to steer optical beams from a chip without any moving parts, which can be extremely valuable to make communication and LIDAR devices that are more affordable.

Optical Resonator
A structure in which light bounces back and forth between two or more mirrors or reflective surfaces, creating standing waves or resonant modes. Resonators are integral to lasers and other optical devices​.

Optical System-On-Chip
Integrating every optical function (including laser, amplifier modulator, detector) on a single chip. This can increase the efficiency of the optical engine and make it easier to mass produce.

Optical Transceiver
An optical communications device that sends and receives signal via optical fiber.

Octal small form factor pluggable. A pluggable transceiver with 8 different channels. It is larger and with higher power consumption than the 4-channel QSFP.