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There are currently 9 terms in this directory beginning with the letter C.
C-Form Factor Pluggable
A pluggable transceiver form factor (significantly larger than an SFP) that developed originally for 100G transmission. It was been replaced over time by the smaller SFP and QSFP form factors.

Cable Modem Termination System
The hub of a cable provider plant where all the connections from subscribers converge into.

The software and services that run on Internet services instead of locally on your computer.

Coherent Optical Transmission
Transmission of the optical signals that uses all properties of the signal (intensity, frequency, phase, polarization) to pack more data into that signal. In contrast direct detect transmission uses only the intensity.

Commercial off the Shelf Equipment
Equipment that is not custom made, but that can be bought immediately from a seller's stock.

Commercial Temperature Specification
Temperature specification that is roughly between -5 and 80 degrees Celsius. This is the minimum standard required for telecom equipment.

Concatenated Forward Error Correction
A common FEC type that combines inner and outer FEC codes to enhance the performance compared to a standard FEC code. It is the standard for 400ZR pluggables.

Core Network
The section of a telecom network that connects service providers to each other and to the Internet cloud.

Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing
A WDM standard in which the system transport typically eight wavelengths with a channel spacing of 20nm, usually from 1470nm to 1610nm.