ECOC2023 Glagow Scotland

Discover Where Light Meets Digital at ECOC2023

Join us from October 2nd-4th, 2023 at ECOC Exhibition in Sec, Glasgow, Scotland, the largest optical communications exhibition in Europe at stand #547. 

Towards a Zero Touch Coherent Network

Telecommunication service providers face a critical challenge: how to incorporate affordable and compact coherent pluggables…

Data Centre

What DSPs Does the Cloud Edge Need?

By storing and processing data closer to the end user and reducing latency, smaller data…

Discover Where Light Meets Digital at OFC2023

Join us from March 7 to 9, 2023 at OFC in San Diego, California, the world’s largest event for optical networking and communications.

What is 100ZR and Why Does it Matter?

In June 2022, transceiver developer II‐VI Incorporated (now Coherent Corp.) and optical networking solutions provider…

What are FEC and PCS, and Why do They Matter

What are FEC and PCS, and Why do They Matter?

Coherent transmission has become a fundamental component of optical networks to address situations where direct…


The Light Path to a Coherent Cloud Edge

Smaller data centers placed locally have the potential to minimize latency, overcome inconsistent connections, and…