Discover Where Light Meets Digital at OFC2024

Join us from March 26 to 28, 2024 at OFC in San Diego, California, the world’s largest event for optical networking and communications.

Tunable Lasers and DSPs in the Age of AI

The use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) models is transforming several industries, and data centers…


EFFECT Photonics Secures $38 Million Series D Funding

Eindhoven, The Netherlands EFFECT Photonics, a leading developer of highly integrated optical solutions, today announced…


The Highways of Light: How Optical Fiber Works

Optical fibers revolutionized how we transmit data, enabling faster long-distance connections. These slender strands of…

Introducing Our New Coherent Product Manager: Charlie Fu

EFFECT Photonics’ coherent technology portfolio has grown in the last two years, including coherent transceivers,…

ECOC2023 Glagow Scotland

Discover Where Light Meets Digital at ECOC2023

Join us from October 2nd-4th, 2023 at ECOC Exhibition in Sec, Glasgow, Scotland, the largest optical communications exhibition in Europe at stand #547. 

Where is 100ZR Needed?

Simply relying on traditional direct detect technologies will not meet the growing bandwidth and service…


The Evolution to 800G and Beyond

Article first published 26th October 2022, updated 5th July 2023. The demand for data and…


Coherent Lite and The Future Inside the Data Center

In the dynamic landscape of data centers, the demand for greater bandwidth and extended reach…


Coherent Satellite Networks

The current state of the space industry is characterized by rapid growth, technological advancements, and…