Coherent Digital Signal Processor
(DSP) Merchant ICs

EFFECT Photonics will offer coherent DSPs that are expected to deliver the capacity and reach needed to meet the explosive demands for connectivity and bandwidth and enable cost-effective network upgrades over existing physical fiber infrastructure.

The first products will target 100G ZR and 100G ZR+ applications.  The products will work within the popular QSFP28 optical module’s ultralow 5W power envelope and extend network reach well beyond 80km to support advanced application requirements. These products will target new buildouts and the imminent 10G upgrade cycle to 100G for service providers, 5G telecom and fixed-access operators.


Co-Design for Efficiency

Around 50% of a coherent transceiver’s power consumption goes into the DSP chip. Improving this power consumption for 100ZR applications requires co-designing the transceiver’s DSP and optical engine to fit each other better and take advantage of specific advantages of the material platform.

Industrial Hardening for DSPs

A transceiver for access networks must be able to handle harsh outdoor environments, so it needs to operate in the industrial temperature (I-temp) ranges. Every internal component of the transceiver—including the DSP—must also be I-temp compliant.

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