EFFECT Photonics Closes the Acquisition of the Coherent Optical Digital Signal Processing Business from Viasat

EFFECT Photonics Closes the Acquisition of the Coherent Optical Digital Signal Processing Business from Viasat

EFFECT Photonics Closes the Acquisition of the Coherent Optical Digital Signal Processing Business from Viasat 

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

EFFECT Photonics, a leading provider of highly integrated optical communication products, today shared that the acquisition of the coherent optical digital signal process business unit from Viasat as announced on March 8, 2022, was closed on April 1, 2022. 

Now that EFFECT Photonics owns the entire coherent technology stack, it will allow the Company to deliver optimized designs that enable the lowest cost and power per bit. The many system performance benefits that come from coherent DSP and FEC will position EFFECT Photonics to drive industry-leading technology innovation which will allow it to deploy coherent solutions into new applications such as data center and access.

Roberto Marcoccia, Chief Development and Strategy Officer at EFFECT Photonics

EFFECT Photonics is also pleased to welcome a team of highly experienced design architects and engineers who will continue with their day-to-day activities under Marcoccia’s leadership. In the coming months, the team will transition to a new location in Cleveland Ohio, which will be the Company’s second location in the U.S. together with the regional headquarters in Maynard, Massachusetts.

This is a very significant step in accelerating our ambitions and to further drive our product portfolio growth. We would like to thank our existing investors and supporters for their continued backing and for making this acquisition possible. In addition, we thank the Viasat teams that worked so closely with us to get this agreement to closing. We look forward to welcoming Viasat to the EFFECT Photonics’ Supervisory Board.

Sophie De Maesschalck, Chief Financial Officer, EFFECT Photonics

This acquisition has clearly positioned EFFECT Photonics as a new highly vertically integrated independent coherent optical module vendor able to provide increased choice, with the ambition to drive coherent technology into new places to further revolutionize the way the world interconnects.

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About EFFECT Photonics

Where Light Meets Digital – EFFECT Photonics delivers highly integrated optical communications products based on its Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) optical System-on-Chip technology. The key enabling technology for DWDM systems is full monolithic integration of all photonic components within a single chip and being able to produce these in volume with high yield at low cost. With this capability, EFFECT Photonics is addressing the need for affordable DWDM solutions driven by the soaring demand for high bandwidth connections. EFFECT Photonics is headquartered in The Netherlands, with additional facilities in the UK, the US and Taiwan, and a worldwide network of sales partners. http://www.effectphotonics.com Follow EFFECT Photonics on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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