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We are Looking for new Talent and Experts to grow Together

We are Looking for new Talent and Experts to grow Together

EFFECT Photonics are hiring for many positions in Brixham, UK and seeking passionate, talented, and highly motivated people across levels and areas to grow with us.

EFFECT Photonics is a scale-up company now transitioning from funded- to revenue-based growth. The disruptive technology at the heart of our offering is the integration of photonic components into a chip and building that into a low-energy-consumption, robust and cost-effective module (match box-sized). We are initially targeting the launching of the 5G network. The dynamic nature of the rapidly growing customer demand for increasing data speed with reduced costs and environmental impacts demands technology developments focused on future needs, applications, and infrastructure. The only constant is change.

We started with 1 employee in Brixham, 5 years ago and now have 60, with another 70 employees based at our headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We are excited to be recognised as one of Europe’s top IPO-worthy tech start-ups to build a successful career and are actively recruiting in the Brixham area.

The Brixham Engineering, Quality and Operations teams work very closely with Engineering teams at the Netherlands facility responsible for the development of the Photonic Integrated Chip (PIC), firmware and electronics. This synergy ensures strong focus on device technology that anticipates customer needs and integrates the equipment capabilities and product performance with manufacturing requirements.

Here in Brixham, we are responsible for: module package and process design and development for manufacture; reliability assurance; and volume manufacturing including assembly, testing and shipping processes. The team is working on rapid prototyping and aggressive increase of output volume regarding modules enabling the telecom infrastructure that will support IoT. We have made substantial investments in our staff and automated equipment and continue to do so according to a solid roadmap. We have strong links with customers around the world and are addressing marketplace expectations including ISO9001, ISO14001 and product compliance.

EFFECT Photonics is a dynamic, ambitious, and flexible company with a strong mix of experienced professionals, post docs, graduates, and trainees. Anyone can have an impact while building skills and experience leading to personal and professional growth and development. These are exciting times, as we refine our business infrastructure and develop the products and processes for the future.

In line with those efforts, we are seeking passionate, talented and highly motivated people across levels and areas to grow with us: from apprentices and trainees desiring experience working with experienced staff to highly specialised professionals eager to make a difference, from operators working in a high-quality manufacturing environment to administrative and business personnel. We offer exceptional opportunities to influence a business in its formative years, with everyone interacting with all levels of management and staff. Our Brixham location offers you one more stimulus to inspire your creativity: in a building managed by the University of Plymouth, you’ll enjoy a fantastic view!

Please take a look at our current job openings and contact us today at for more information about opportunities to shape the future with a career at EFFECT Photonics.

Corlia van Tonder

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