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Mobile Fronthaul
Networks (5G)


EFFECT Photonics' highly integrated optical transcievers for future mobile 5G networks

Central to EFFECT Photonics’ vision is providing more bandwidth to end-users. However, modern customers do not want to pay more for this.  Telecommunication providers are having to find ways to more efficiently provide bandwidth that supports 5G networks, ensuring support for newer applications such as mobile video, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. Higher levels of data consumption mean increased energy consumption. Trends in densification and cloudification in the telecoms sector due

to transitioning to 5G mean that optical transceivers need to feed the edges of the network. This is where the benefits of integrated photonic optical components play a key role. EFFECT Photonics’ SFP+ transceivers combine tunable DWDM capability in a photonics System-on-Chip integration. The latter simplifies production and testing and results in enhanced optical transmission and reduced energy consumption. This meets the challenges ahead associated with the introduction of 5G fronthaul networks, saving costs and improving efficiency.

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Integrated photonics
is a key technology

for future 5G networks

New developments in telecommunications inlcuding 5G, will drive an exponential increase in bandwidth required at the edges of the network. In order to tackle this challenge for the future in a sustainable way, EFFECT Photonics leverages photonic integration technology that enables the development of transceivers interfacing the optical and wireless interfaces in future 5G networks.

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Mobile Fronthaul Networks (5G)

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