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Metro Access
Networks (Remote PHY, FTTx)

A decade of cutting-edge communication technologies

Combining many optical functions into a single System-on-Chip offers an important alternative to the telecommunications industry.


This photonics integration together with our novel packaging technology allows EFFECT Photonics to differentiate ourselves in the Metro-Access part of the network.


Connect with our expertise and solve the data centre interconnect challenges.

Transmit data over longer distances, provide more bandwidth to end-users

A key challenge for Remote PHY and FTTx network providers is to provide faster speeds for home broadband connections. EFFECT Photonics’ transceivers can transmit data over longer distances to increase capacity over longer fibres. This provides more efficient and cost-effective Metro Access network. 

Our products for Metro Access
Networks (Remote PHY, FTTx)

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Read our Product Brief and discover more about EFFECT Photonics’ DWDM optical-System-On-Chip technology.

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10Gbps 40km DWDM Narrow Tunable SFP