Day 1 Session 1: Where Next for Coherent Pluggable Optics?

The deployment of pluggable coherent optical modules has enabled service providers to re-architect their DCI and metro optical networks. These modules can be plugged directly into switches and routers, removing the need for dedicated optical transport systems and enabling the transport of IP traffic directly over DWDM with the use of open line systems (IPoDWDM). The same 7nm DSPs and optics are used in 400ZR modules for links up to 120km and ZR+ modules for links of 600km and beyond. The development of 5nm and 3nm DSPs is enabling a new generation of pluggable modules that will support enhanced 400G performance and reach, 800G performance, including 800ZR, and 100G modules designed for the edge of the network.

This session will investigate the benefits already delivered by using coherent pluggable modules and the new opportunities being enabled by the latest developments. Topics will include: The current pluggable coherent landscape What we have learned from 400G coherent pluggable deployments Technology developments for coherent pluggables Where next: cost effective 100G, enhanced 400G, 800G and beyond.

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Corlia van Tonder


07 February 2023


11:00 am - 12:30 pm GMT+0200


Virtual Online




Vladi Veljanovski


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