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Data Centre
Interconnects (DCI)

Maximising the accessibility and scalability of Data Centre Interconnects

As data centres expand, typically new and larger data centres are built next to the existing ones. The old and new data centres must be interconnected with extremely fast links carrying huge amounts of data (think PetaBytes) so that they work as one. This interconnectivity between separate data centres is essential so they can operate together, share resources and/or pass workloads between one another. In many modern data centres, the length of the interconnects is getting very long indeed. Typically, inside the data centre, interconnect links are between 200 metres to 2 kilometres. But if you’re trying to connect to adjacent data centres, links of 10+ kilometres are common. We’ve seen interconnects of 80 or 100 kilometres being needed when buildings are on the other side of a campus. The challenge is that extremely fast links over these


longer distances don’t work efficiently with existing technologies. By understanding what these customers need at what cost, you can design a system that can deliver. Today, with these long interconnect distances, it’s no longer sufficient to have a solution that integrates just some parts of a system. For this reason, EFFECT Photonics has deliberately taken a holistic approach to these very complex technologies. We’ve focused on understanding the interdependence of system components. Our approach now is to make “systems on photonics chips”, fully harnessing the speed of light and combining highly optimised packaging with cost-effective electronics. We’ve built a high-volume capability platform from the start.


Datacentres need to
double their capacity
each year
to cope with the
global need for speed

Data centres today are scaling up to meet the demand for higher bandwidths. EFFECT Photonics’ integrated photonic optical transceivers overcome this challenge by creating more energy-efficient products that still provide high transfer speeds.

Our products for the Data
Centre Interconnects (DCI)