Agnès Verdier

Foundry Engineer in Foundry Technologies


“I really enjoy seeing the direct impact of my work when results align with predictions.”

What is the most interesting aspect of working at EFFECT Photonics? And what about your job specifically?

What attracted me to EFFECT Photonics is the technology behind the chips: photonics integrated circuits that combine very different building blocks. Getting all of them on the same chip is a technological challenge as you need to carefully tune the design and process to obtain the best performance of each element. Seeing everything align and the circuit behaves as expected after months of development is a great reward!

As Foundry Engineer I am more specifically monitoring how process variations impact chip results. This means following design, chip fabrication, and testing developments to assess the consequences of all changes.

To try and understand how all these steps adjust together is a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in photonics and I really enjoy seeing the direct impact of my work when results align with predictions.

EFFECT Photonics has big plans for the future, and I am looking forward to taking part in the company’s growth. Moving from chip development to mass production will be an exciting time to be around.

What advice would you give to someone who is planning to apply at EFFECT Photonics?

If you are in the field of photonics, Eindhoven is a great place to be, with many exciting things happening. I think EFFECT Photonics is one of them, and by joining the company you will contribute to shaping the photonics ecosystem. Joining a young company also means that you must enjoy the quick changes and uncertainties that come with the company evolving.

Things are still very flexible, and your tasks will be diverse which is an opportunity for creating your own path. But the organization is also less stable and you will not always find established guidelines, there is still a lot to be done.  If that sounds exciting, I would definitely recommend coming to work at EFFECT Photonics.

Describe in 3 words what your job is all about.

Semiconductor / Interface / Data

My job is all about semiconductors, what we do with them and how we process them. It is at the core of what the company does. I did my Ph.D. on semiconductor optical amplifiers and after a detour by silicon microelectronics, I was happy to work again on III-V semiconductors on an InP platform.

As EFFECT Photonics is working with partner foundries, good communication with them is very important. The foundry engineering team acts as a technical interface to our foundry suppliers, especially regarding process development and control. Understanding what is coming up next is also crucial and I keep myself informed of what the other R&D teams are working on.

Inside the company, chip performances are monitored through wafer probing and a big part of my job consists in analyzing wafer probing data to detect variations and correlate them to process or design changes.

What is your highlight about working here so far?

I really enjoy being surrounded by colleagues that are both highly skilled and great to work with. Everyone is always happy to help and share their experiences whether it is a technical matter or navigating life in the Netherlands. People from many different nationalities work at EFFECT Photonics and I really enjoy working in such a culturally diverse environment.

Discovering and learning new things every day is quite fulfilling and keeps me interested in what I do. I enjoy the freedom I am given to explore new fields or learn new skills.

In the two years that I worked here, I have gained a better knowledge of semiconductor fabrication and improved my Python skills but also started to explore new topics like coherent detection.

I also have to add to the highlights my great improvement at table football.

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