Pluggable Modules –
Direct Detect

EFFECT Photonics combines its optical System-on-Chip and cost-effective packaging technology to develop and manufacture modules for industry-standard and customised form factors. All of EFFECT Photonics’ optical components are tunable, which gives our customers optimum flexibility in provisioning and system deployment whether in controlled or uncontrolled environmental conditions.

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10GBPS 40KM DWDM narrow tunable SFP+

EFFECT’s 10Gbps Narrow Tunable SFP+ optical transceiver module is designed to supports data rates between 1.06Gbps and 11.32Gbps.

Key Features

  • Six part numbers cover 49 channels in the C-band with 100GHz
    spacing, which enables simplified sparing, configuration, and setup.
  • Reaches up to 40km link length optical budget, useful for single
    mode fiber point-to-point and multi-point passive networks.
  • Quick and easy DWDM setup following SFF Tunability Interface
    SFF-8690, rev. 1.4.
  • Supports data rates between 1.06Gbps and 11.32Gbps, allowing
    straightforward network system upgrades to higher bandwidths.
  • Operates at a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, meeting harsh.