Join us at OFC 2020

Join us at OFC 2020

From March 10 to 12 2020, EFFECT Photonics will be exhibiting at the OFC (Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition) in San Diego, California, USA. OFC is the largest optical communications conference in the world. Representing a range of products, from optical components and devices to systems, test equipment, software and specialty fibre, OFC represents the entire supply chain and provides the premier marketplace where the industry learns, connects, networks and closes deals.

Interested in what EFFECT Photonics is working on right now? We are exhibiting at booth #6012 and will be showing:

Energy-efficient Tunable SFP+ Transceivers for Next Generation Mobile Networks (Live Demo)

EFFECT Photonics is demonstrating it’s new energy-efficient tunable SFP+ transceiver. Optical transceivers equipped with our latest System-on-Chip (SoC) technology consume less than 1.5W of power at 85C. This opens up the use of these transceivers in legacy systems that were previously designed for Class II fixed wavelength devices, allowing our customers more flexibility in the field without changing their installed base. Furthermore, future systems for Mobile Fronthaul, such as the smaller cells required for 5G, are designed to be unobtrusive and smaller, while requiring more transceivers because of the increased capacity. These two requirements together create the need for an energy-efficient transceiver with low power dissipation. This is what the latest addition to EFFECT’s product portfolio provides.

NarroWave enabled SFP+ modules

At OFC 2020 EFFECT Photonics is demonstrating its NarroWave enabled SFP+ modules. NarroWave is a new feature that allows customers to monitor and control remote SFP+ modules from the central office, without making any hardware or software changes in the field. NarroWave is agnostic of vendor equipment, data rate or the protocol of the in-band traffic. The host at the central office can access the remote digital diagnostics and monitoring by reading dedicated memory pages of the local SFP+, which are a mirror of the host device. This feature can also be used to send commands to a remote device, which enables use-cases such as automatic tuning and automatic power-balancing. This makes EFFECT’s SFP+ modules a powerful asset in the toolkit of any telecom provider looking to dynamically control and monitor its telecommunication network. Examples of NarroWave applications will be demonstrated live at EFFECT’s booth #6012.

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