Nivethitha Bharathi

HR Support Coordinator


“The experience new joiners have in their first week is very important. Being able to contribute to that makes me smile every day.”

What is the most interesting aspect of working at EFFECT Photonics? And what about your job specifically?

The interesting thing about EFFECT Photonics is the strong growth. There
is more room for professional growth and this environment brings more personal visibility within the company. All this makes it very motivating to work here.

I started during the pandemic in September 2020. It was both scary and
exciting because what can you expect in this bizarre and unpredictable time? How my new team and I handled this situation was interesting in a positive way. We got to know each other in a different way and, as a result, became even more attuned to each other.

In my role as HR Support Coordinator, there are no similar days, which means my work never gets boring. I am involved in various HR administrative tasks, helping the HR team with reporting and the weekly HR status reports. Furthermore, I contribute to small projects regarding benefits administration, policies, and process documentation.

One of the things I enjoy the most is supporting the onboarding process. We aim to make joining EFFECT Photonics a smooth process. Their experience in the first week is essential and contributing to that makes me smile every time. 

What advice would you give to someone who is planning to apply at EFFECT Photonics?

If someone wants to be working on a technology that has the potential to change everyone’s lives, this is the place to be. The person must be resilient and open to some repetitive work in the Quality and Reliability teams, as well as being able to immediately adjust to change. Everyday plans and products can change. So, you must be flexible, systematic, and attention to detail is very important.

The best aspect is when someone asks you about your job and you start talking about it, the room goes silent, because everyone is fascinated. New challenges drive you every day, which makes my daily tasks very rewarding. If you would like to work on problem solving these high-speed digital signal processing technologies, this is the best place to be.

Describe in 3 words what your job is all about.

Communication, flexibility, and being proactive

Because my work is so varied, I need to be flexible, and I need to switch between tasks quickly and easily. I also need to prioritize the time-critical work with the more administrative stuff. Good communication is critical in this role – you want to avoid miscommunications and that people keep coming back with questions that you may already have answered.

Being in the administration, I often have to be proactive in picking up work that helps to plan and align the core HR tasks so we can offer the most value to the business.

What is your highlight about working here so far?

I am not normally a fan of organized social events. But here at EFFECT Photonics they feel effortlessly social and a lot of fun, not at all overly corporate. This for me stood out as a great way to know my colleagues better.