Iyad Kaddoura

Senior Program Manager


“The most inspiring and interesting part is working with a diverse group of engineers.”

What is the most interesting aspect of working at EFFECT Photonics? And what about your job specifically?

The most inspiring and interesting part is working with a diverse group of engineers. Diverse backgrounds, diverse time zones, and diverse characters and personalities. I love that we aim to deliver cutting-edge technology with the potential to transfer the telecom world. We have a chance to put our names and the company name on something really unique. The prospect of such an achievement boosts our motivation. I enjoy working on different projects related to the product and the company vision overall.

We try to make sure that everyone focuses not only on the day-to-day task but also on the overall vision for that week, the month, the next six months, and the whole year. And most of all, I feel no difference between the titles and hierarchy in this company. This environment is something I have deeply enjoyed since I’ve been with EFFECT Photonics.

This same feeling presents itself when I speak to my manager. It feels like just talking to another colleague. This lack of hierarchical attitudes is very inspiring in itself.

I have felt connected to the entire organization very quickly. From the beginning, I felt connected to my diverse team, very welcome, and inspired by them. We share lots of ideas, which can be challenging, but on the other hand, we all work cohesively towards a common goal.

What advice would you give to someone who is planning to apply at EFFECT Photonics?

If you are thinking about applying to EFFECT Photonics, be ready to learn, work hard, share and challenge ideas, grow, and have fun. And anything can be possible.

Describe in 3 words what your job is all about.

Gathering and moving forward.

First, I would like to mention that what we do at EFFECT is not a one-person job. It’s a team effort. We can only deliver our products to our customers if my team and the other teams work together towards a common goal.

As a Senior Program Manager, I am involved with anything connected to the product. Such broad responsibility was not the case from the start; my role has expanded to cover work within the entire program from Eindhoven all the way to Brixham. This role gives me a better view of processes from start to end and of product integration.

My responsibility is to gather all the information to meet the deliverables schedule and follow up with the deliverables as well as initiatives from development to operations. I forward this information to the relevant departments so they can take action within their projects. It is a process of give-and-take, we need each other to move forward.

What is your highlight about working here so far?

Learning about this new technology has been fascinating. And I love knowing the potential of this new technology and seeing the excitement of everybody who’s working together to deliver it.